Our History

In 1978, Dr. Steve and Susan Abrams purchased an old gas station about a mile north of Arkansas City on the old Highway 77, and they remodeled the building into a small veterinary clinic. It was originally named Abrams Animal Hospital. The clinic has always been a mixed animal practice, meaning there are veterinary services for both large animals and small animals.


During the 1980's, they changed the name to Cottonwood Animal Clinic and they added two additional locations in Wellington, KS and Harper, KS. After a few years, they decided to lighten the load in order to spend more time with family and other interests. The two locations in Wellington and Harper were sold, and so once again Cottonwood Animal Clinic's sole location is in Arkansas City, KS.  In 2015, the clinic was was remodeled to add on another exam room, additional office space and outdoor runs. Throughout the years, there have been several wonderful veterinarians on staff with us since 1978 including Dr. Keith Branson, Dr. Dan Hefley, Dr. Mary Brownlee, Dr. Ann Dutton, and Dr. Lynde Murray, Dr. Bill McKinley and Dr. Carson Abrams.

Many things have changed since 1978, but some things have stayed the same. Dr. Steve & Susan's family has been constantly around the clinic. Now, instead of their own children running around the clinic, it is not uncommon to find one of their grandchildren from time to time either as an employee or just visiting. The business has always been a family venture, and all four of their children have worked at CAC at some point. In 2013, their youngest, Carson, graduated from Kansas State University with a veterinary degree. He and his wife, Elizabeth promptly returned home to join the practice.  In 2017, their eldest, Tamen, joined the CAC staff again after 20+ years in the education field.


The Lord has blessed in many ways. It is a joy to have so many memories at the clinic involving family, wonderful clients and of course the privilege of helping so many different animals and learning that each one has its own personality.