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Puppy is ready for a story
Puppy is ready for a story

Image by Hannah Grace

Daphne reading to "Goldie"
Daphne reading to "Goldie"

A girl reading to a pet chicken.

Isabel reading to "Winston"
Isabel reading to "Winston"

Girl reading to her pet dog

Puppy is ready for a story
Puppy is ready for a story

Image by Hannah Grace


What is the READ TO A PET Program?

The program is simple, and it is good for children and pets. We are challenging each registered participant to read as many books as possible during the month of July and the first part of August. Prizes will be awarded for every participant that reads aloud 5 books to a pet and returns the reading log to Cottonwood Animal Clinic.

Your pet can be a dog, a cat, a fish, a turtle or any other living creature. It can be your pet or a friend's pet! Read at least 5 books to win prizes. 



Why do it?

According to Scholastic, kids who do not read over the summer will lose on average 20% of their reading gains from the school year. This year may be much worse for some kids as school buildings were shut down in March and regular school routines were disturbed for students.

Read to a pet can help! Not only is the reading practice good for students, it is really good for pets, too. Pets are great listeners. Even if they can't understand the story - pets understand the bonding.


Who can participate?

  • Children 13 years old and younger

  • Clients, non-clients

  • Pet owners, non-pet owners (read to a friend's pet!)



Ready, Set, Read!

  • By July 17th, submit the registration form online or stop by the clinic and pick up a paper form and turn it in to the front desk.

  • Print the reading log we will email to you or pick one up at the front desk and start logging as early as July 1st.

  • Read at least five books out loud to your pet. Ideally, the books should be at the child's reading level.

  • Pre-readers (children who are not quite able to read on their own) can participate if an adult reads picture books to them with a pet. Ideally, the child then goes back and "reads" the story from the pictures to the pet.

  • Readers can return their logs in person between August 10th - August 20th, to pick up prizes (while supplies last).

  • Reading logs must be turned in by August 20th to be eligible for prizes.

  • Prizes will be distributed in-person, only.

  • Participate in the Read To A Pet Facebook Event page sharing your tips & photos & memories.

  • Email your walking photos to for use on our Facebook, Instagram ( and website to help encourage others to keep going!