End of life services

It is very hard to lose a beloved pet. We understand the difficulty in making a compassionate decision to euthanize an animal when the time comes. Even though we often times have a full appointment schedule, we recognize the importance of helping owners when they know the time is right. We will do whatever we can to make the appointment on the day that the owner is requesting it.

Owners can choose to be with or away from their pet in those last moments, and we will make sure your pet is comfortable. We will help you through every step of way. Some owners want to take their pet to bury at home, while other owners prefer that we take care of it. We also offer private cremation where owners can remember their pet with a beautifully carved wooden box memorial.

​Our end of life services are more than just euthanasia

  • Veterinary counsel on available options when entering the last stages

  • Pain management options

  • Peaceful euthanasia when the client is ready

  • Option of paw print memorial

  • Option of private cremation, with ashes returned in a carved wooden box

  • Option of communal cremation

  • Option of owner taking pet home to bury

​We all understand how hard it is to make the end-of-life decisions. It is hard because that human-animal bond is a wonderful gift, and we hope our clients can hold on to the memories with their pets and smile about the good times.