We understand there comes a time in most pet parents' lives when their beloved companion must undergo some type of surgery. It might be for a very routine spay or neuter or something more complex. Surgeries are part of our daily routine here at Cottonwood Animal Clinic, but we understand it can be a stressful time for clients and patients because it is not something that is part of their daily routine. We know that there might be lots of questions or concerns, and we are here to help put your mind at ease.

Our doctors are highly skilled and experienced and adhere to very strict standards of safety and care. You can be confident that when it comes to surgery, your pet is in excellent hands with our team! From the time your pet enters the surgical area, we will be carefully monitoring him or her for any potential concerns, and administering an appropriate amount of anesthesia while calming your pet as he or she drifts into safe sedation. Your pet is always attended during surgery! As soon as the surgery is complete, your pet is relocated to a warm, quiet area to recover while our team is on hand to monitor their recovery.

Our small animal services range from routine spays and neuters to emergency caesarean sections to more complicated surgeries that include growth removals or foreign body searches in the abdomen. We are also equipped for some minor surgeries for large animal, as well.

Our skilled doctors perform a wide range of surgeries

  • spays, neuters and other elective surgeries

  • caesarian sections

  • growth and tumor removal

  • wound repair

  • foreign body removal

  • bladder stone removal

  • femoral head ostectomy

  • splenectomy

  • some minor surgeries for large animals

  • and more

If your pet needs surgery, there is no need to worry. The Cottonwood Animal Clinic team is here to assist with all of your pet's surgical needs.

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