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Annual physical exams are important for keeping your pet in tip-top shape. Our doctors provide wellness exams and will recommend vaccines and additional screenings as needed. We also provide information to help you make your pet as comfortable and healthy as possible. We would love to talk to you about flea & tick control, heartworm disease, intestinal parasites and your pet's nutritional needs, too!



Our doctors are trained to care for your farm animals.  Whether it’s providing production medicine tips for a healthy herd, detecting pregnancy through ultrasound, providing services for show animals, or equine floating, our staff is here to serve you and your animals.



Proper oral hygiene is an important part of health. Through routine dental cleanings and preventative care, hopefully your pet can avoid other, more complicated procedures such as oral surgery.



We offer a variety of in-house diagnostics including fecals, heartworm testing, Parvovirus, FIV/FIP, CBC, chem profiles, urinalysis, digital radiographs and ultrasounds. Through partnering with other laboratories, we also provide a wide range of other diagnostics including cultures, thyroid testing, brucellosis testing, coggins testing and many others.



We offer grooming services for our clients. Your dog or cat will feel so much better after a hair cut (for long-haired pets), bath and nail trim. We are often booked our a few days, so schedule your appointment well in advance.



Our small animal services range from routine spays and neuters to emergency caesarean sections to more complicated surgeries that include growth removals or foreign body searches in the abdomen.  We are also equipped for some minor surgeries for large animal, as well.



It is very hard to lose a beloved pet.  We understand the difficulty in making a compassionate decision to euthanize an animal when the time comes.  Owners can choose to be with or away from their pet in those last moments, and we will make sure your pet is comfortable. We will help you through every step of way. Some owners want to take their pet to bury at home, while other owners prefer that we take care of it.  We also offer private cremation where owners can remember their pet with a beautifully carved wooden box memorial.



We offer a safe and secure kennel with outdoor protected runs. Our kennel has availability for a variety of sizes. We understand that exercise and fresh air are important, so we make sure our canine friends have the opportunity for leash walks twice per day.  We provide food for our boarders, however feel free to bring your pet's own food or other belongings to help him or her feel more at home.



6964 252nd RD

Arkansas City, KS 67005

NOTE: When using GPS, try plugging in  252nd RD & 61st RD 

Arkansas City, KS 67005

Tel:  620-442-8619


8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Monday - Friday


8:00 AM - 10:30 AM





"The Lord has blessed us in many ways, and we are grateful to have so many memories at the clinic involving our children, grandchildren, wonderful clients and of course amazing animals."

Dr Steve Abrams and his wife, Susan, opened up the clinic 4 decades ago in 1978.


During the 1980's they added two additional locations in Wellington, KS & Harper, KS and they have had several wonderful veterinarians work working since 1978 including Dr. Keith Branson, Dr. Dan Hefley, Dr. Mary Brownlee, Dr. Ann Dutton, and Dr. Lynde Murray.  After the expansion, they decided to lighten the load in order to spend more time with family and other interests. The two locations in Wellington and Harper were sold, and so once again Cottonwood Animal Clinic's sole location is in Arkansas City, KS.

Many things have changed over the four decades, but some things stay the same. The family has been constantly around the clinic, and it has always been a family venture. All four of Dr. Steve's and Susan's children have worked at CAC at some point. The youngest of their children, Carson, decided to pursue veterinary medicine further and graduated from Kansas State and promptly returned home to join the practice.




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