Dr. Steve & Susan Abrams | Cottonwood Animal Clinic | Kansas

Dr. Steve & Susan Abrams

Dr. Steve & Susan Abrams were married in 1969 in Arkansas City, KS. Steve graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1977. They have four children and fifteen grandchildren. They are active in their church, Mt. Zion Community Church in Arkansas City. They have invested a lot of time in politics, first at the local school board, then for 14 years at the Kansas State School Board, followed by 8 years in the Kansas State Senate. Their dog, Moto, can often be found curled up at the office enjoying the day. 

Dr. Carson Abrams | Cottonwood Animal Clinic | Veterinarian

Dr. Carson Abrams

Dr. Carson graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013 and was the recipient of the Dr. L. Derald and Mary Ellen Jernigan Award. He works on both small animals and large animals. He is married to Elizabeth, and they have three teenagers.  They enjoy spending time together as a family, especially swimming, playing board games and watching their kids' activities and events. Their dog Peach has been with them for 9 years and has mastered the art of eating dropped crackers from the kids.

Dr. KaCee Tyler | Cottonwood Animal Clinic | Veterinarian

Dr. KaCee Tyler

Dr. KaCee graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016  She works on both small animals and large animals, including equine. She is married to Cody, who also works at our clinic.  When she is not working at the clinic, she enjoys time with her family, riding horses with her husband and spending time with their dogs, Jake & Heidee.

Elizabeth Abrams | Veterinary Assistant | black & white cat


In addition to being Dr. Carson's wife, Elizabeth is our clinic receptionist, and yet she still does just a little bit of everything at the clinic except for being a vet! She assists our doctors, she helps with grooming and bookkeeping, as well.  She has been at Cottonwood since June 2013.

Elizabeth is pictured here with one of her favorite cats, Holstein.

Bristy Greider | Veterinary Assistant | Black Cat


Bristy is a veterinary assistant, and she started at Cottonwood in January 2020. She recently moved back from Colorado to Dexter, where she lives with her boyfriend, Chris and their coon hound, Ruckus on an 8 acre property shared by her family and their 3 dogs. In her free time, she enjoys painting/drawing, hiking, gardening, reading fantasy novels and exploring new places. 


Bristy is holding Bernie, our resident clinic cat.

Kim Simmons I dog lover I Black Lab


Kim started working as our customer service representative at Cottonwood Animal Clinic in May 2020.


She loves learning and helping people with their fur babies. She has a psychology degree from Oklahoma State University and a biology degree from Wichita State University. She is pictured here with her own fur baby, Charlie.

Cody Rodeo Tyler I Veterinary Assistant


Cody began working at Cottonwood in August 2020 as a veterinary assistant. He is also Dr. KaCee's husband. He has had many different experiences with large and small animals, and he is a tremendous asset to our staff especially on the large animal side. When he is not at Cottonwood Animal Clinic, you might see him at a rodeo, because he is also a professional bull rider, and he is better known as Cody Rodeo Tyler!

Shelby Roberson | Groomer | Cottonwood Animal Clinic


Shelby works part-time as a groomer at Cottonwood Animal Clinic. She started in September 2019. Shelby is married to Shiloh and they have 3 children who keep them very busy.

Tamen Eis | Practice Manager | Cottonwood Animal Clinic


Tamen began in November 2017 as our receptionist. Now, she spends most of her time managing other parts of the business.  She graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Music Education. She is married to John, and they have 3 married daughters and 5 grandchildren plus one other son who still lives at home.  In addition to working, Tamen also enjoys making healthy treats and sharing them with friends and family. She has 3 cats who are all fond of stalking rodents and leaving the entrails on the back patio.